Skyrim V: Game Hack , Cheats And Console Commands

Skyrim V : To modify the console, simply hit the diacritic (`) key and enter the suitable codes, that square measure listed below. you’ll activate over one directly, too, thus you’ll become unconquerable, fly, and transport all at constant time.

Some of these commands need further codes, and we’ve compiled lists of these too. simply grab the required range from our Skyrim console codes or Skyrim bureau codes posts.

Warning :

Be warned, a number of these console commands could cause glitches, problems, or crashes, thus it’s positively price saving your game 1st and exploitation the codes with a separate save. you do not wish to create some amendment and acquire cursed it.

Skyrim v: Cheats and Console Commands:

  • tgm: Good ol’ God Mode means you’re completely invulnerable to everything, and pretty damn god-like.
  • tcl: No clipping lets you walk through walls, ceilings, and mountains like some sort of ghost. Use the code again to return to normal.
  • unlock: Can’t find that vital key? Lockpicking skill too low? Open the console, click on the door or chest you want to unlock, and type “unlock” into the console. If only this worked in real life.
  • psb: Every single spell in Skyrim is now yours! It’s like graduating magic school in under a second.
  • caqs: Automatically complete all the stages of your primary quest. Perfect if you hate playing games.
  • showracemenu: Unhappy with your blind, inbred-looking Bosmer chap? You can adjust the way your character looks just like you did at the start of Skyrim—but this will reset your level and skills.
  • tm : Toggles all in-game menus, perfect if you want to take some screenshots to convince elderly relatives that Skyrim is where you went on your holidays. Note that this also hides the console commands menu, meaning you’ll have to type it again without being able to see the console.
  • tmm : Followed by 0 or 1 turns all map markers on or off.
  • tfc: Not Team Fortress Classic, unfortunately. However, you will be able to access the flycam, essentially leaving your host body behind and sailing through the air. Great for screenshots.
  • tai : Toggles AI on and off, which means NPCs won’t interact with you, or do anything at all.
  • tcai : Turns combat AI on or off, turning dragons into placid beasts who act like you aren’t there. A bit like cats.
  • tdetect :This one lets you behave like a little rapscallion, as it turns naughty business detection (stealing, murdering, doing a poo in the woods etc) on or off. You’ll still get caught if you try pickpocketing, though.
  • kill : Look at the thing you want to kill, open the console, click on the target, and type this command. They’ll fall over in a very dead manner.
  • help : Lists every single console command. We’ve put this further down the list because we want you to actually read this article.
  • resurrect: Target the thing you want to bring back to life, and they’ll get up in a very alive manner


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